Bushtit nest-building under way

A flock of six (6) Bushtits all building a nest together -- a community effort!

Bushtits are tiny, kinglet-sized, social birds who live year-round in flocks of 10 to 40. They never stop moving, flitting from tree to tree together.

In a flurry of chirping, this flock of 6 are busy building a new nest in a

Japanese Maple tree in the neighbourhood. Bushtits weave a hanging nest, shaped like a soft pouch or sock, from moss, spider webs, and grasses. Each time they bring in a piece of material to add to it, all 6 fly inside the nest, one after the other. The hole is only tiny enough for the 3" bird to get through. accommodate all pouch which stretches to accommodate all of the family, tiny movement can be seen as the nest shakes. All Bushtit family members sleep together in their hanging nest during the breeding season.

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