Article about cheryl

June 2017

The West End Journal

"Artists Among Us"


British Columbia, 


"Meet one of the

West End's

finest nature



With a highly intuitive creative process,

many say she captures the spirit of all of the birds and wildlife she photographs,

and that there is often a subtle visual

message or meaning in her images

that touches or moves them. It leads

people to pause and reflect, inspiring

mindfulness and appreciation of what's

around them, sometimes in plain sight.

With a deep connection to Nature, her

photos are also a mindfulness practice focusing on the wonder and beauty of

the natural world in any given moment.

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All images are available as cards or prints. (See Contact page for more information.)

about cheryl

    Cheryl is a nature photographer in 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Her images are all about life connection,

and the interconnection of all things.


Rooted with a 25 year professional back-

ground nationally as an award-winning communication designer, brand strategist, art and creative director...later as an invited

formal design communications educator,

program advisor, and mentor to students

and practicing professionals; longtime artist

and photographer; add outdoor adventurer

and world traveller to her repertoire, Cheryl

has been photographing nature as art for

years, exploring and evolving as she goes.

With beauty everywhere in the smallest of ordinary things, many say that she has a keen

eye for knowing just how to capture it. Slow,

peaceful strolling meditations connect her

with what's all around. She captures intimate storytelling close-ups of birds, flowers/plants, wildlife and abstracts. Intrigued by the ever-changing patterns of light, texture, shape,

lines, colour, tone, movement, and myriad

of behaviour in nature, Cheryl shares beauty

in visual stories of our natural world around us.